Velodrome Class Night #1

These pictures are from our first night of Air Products Developmental Cycling Program at The Valley Preferred Cycling Center Velodrome. I got some pictures of Colton, he did not get any pictures of me riding.

Colton’s class mainly just got to ride on the apron this first class and do some obstacle course stuff, many of the kids in his class did not look like they had ever been on anything other than a children’s bike before, so they were getting them used to fixed gear track bikes, they also did some starting and stopping drills so they could get used to the fixed gear bikes. My class was a mixed class of beginners and advanced, so they split the class up into 2 groups, those of us who have never ridden on the track and those who had track experience. Those of us that had not been on the track before did some of the same start and stop drills at the beginning, but we also did pace-lines at various levels on the banking, and also worked on moving up and down the track. The group that had track experience worked on some team pursuit type drills

We both had a lot of fun and left with big smiles on our faces. Can’t wait to go back on Monday.


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