Trip Day 2 – May 21th 2017

Day 2 of our trip was the longest day of the 3 days. We got up in the morning and made a breakfast of oatmeal. and hung around camp for a little bit. We did not need to rush out of camp this morning as our plan was to attend church at Cedar Run Baptist Church 5.25 miles back the trail from Hoffman Campground just outside the village of Cedar Run. There morning worship service did not start till 10 am so we left camp at 9 am to give us plenty of time to make it down to church.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post I had heard about Cedar Run Baptist Church from Joyce Ludwig at Ludwig’s Trailside Bed and Breakfast. We did not see Joyce at Church this morning as they had guests at there Bed and Breakfast, but we did see her husband at church. The Church was a very warm and welcoming congregation. There was a good attendance at the church, especially for a church in such a rural community. It was wonderful to be be able to worship the Lord with this great group of people. If we are ever back in the area, I hope to be able to worship with this community again. Many people at the church were amazed by the trip Colton and I were undertaking and wished us luck and prayers for the remainder of our journey.

We got out of church about 11 am and got our picture taken in front of the church before continuing our trip.

After leaving the church we headed back to the trail. On our way north we realized that we had forgotten our bike lights, and knowing that we would likely be getting back to camp at or after dark we decided to stop back at the camp on our way past. After making the pit stop to grab the headlights, we continued north on the trail to the village of Blackwell about a mile north of our camp. In Blackwell we stopped at Millers store and picked up a gallon of water and 2 Ice creams. The previous night we realized although the water from the pump at camp was safe and was fine for use for cooking, it had a really nasty flavor when using for drinking water, even with using flavoring in the water. Therefore we decided to buy water from this point out to use for our drinking water. After filling our water bottles and eating our Ice Creams we got back on the trail to continue our trip.

Blackwell would be our last spotting of civilization for quite a few miles as we entered the PA Grand Canyon section of trail. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. we were blessed as this was our highest mileage day on the trail it turned out to be the best weather of the 3 days we spent on the trail.




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