Pine Creek Rail Trail Trip – Introduction

Where to Begin. On May 20th Colton and I embarked on what will hopefully be the first of many bikepacking adventures. This trip was the impetus for my starting this blog in the first place. The location of this first bikepacking trip was the Pine Creek Rail Trail. A beautiful 65 mile long rail trail located in the Pine Creek Valley in North Central Pennsylvania. Our trip would be a 3 day adventure spanning from the southern terminus at Jersey Shore Pennsylvania to the northern terminus in Wellsboro, Pa and back again with a few side trips thrown in for good measure. If you have read my previous post Our Trip By the Numbers you saw that our total mileage for the trip came out to be 152.35 miles. This trip was a great father son bonding experience for Colton and I. It was something we had looked forward to doing for a long time and can not wait to do a similar trip again in the future.  We had originally planned to do this trip the previous 2 summers, but do to scheduling issues (particularly with my job at the time) we were unable to go. This year I am in a new job with a more flexible schedule and we were able to make the trip a reality. as disappointed as we were to not get the trip in the last 2 years, I think in the long run it worked out. With the amount of miles we undertook this trip I do not know if Colton would have been able to handle such an undertaking at 7 or 8 years old. Knowing Colton’s personality, he would have tried his hardest to make the miles, and would likely have burnt out and not enjoyed the experience. Instead, by doing it this year, while we had some challenging days of riding, and even some parts of the days were we questioned whether we had bit off more than we could chew, but in the end we really enjoyed ourselves and it left us wanting to come back for more. In an effort to not make any one of my blog posts to long I will be breaking down the trip into three additional posts one for each day of the trip. Feel free to follow along at the links below.


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