Camping Permit

Received our free camping permit today, in 3 days we will be out on the Pine Creek rail trail. We will be camping both nights at the Hoffman Campground. If you plan to ride the Pine Creek Rail Trail and camp overnight at one of the campgrounds along the trail do not forget to get your FREE permit by contacting the appropriate forest service office. I have posted the phone numbers for the offices at the bottom of this blog post. Make sure to contact the appropriate office for the campground you plan to stay at as they are unable to issue permits for the other forest district. The permit was super easy to obtain, I called the Tioga State Forest office and talked to Peggy, she was very helpful and took my information and had the permit emailed to me before I even got off the phone with her. She also Emailed my permit to the other forest district since I would be parking my car at a Trail-Head in the other forest district.


Tioga State Forest (DCNR)
Tiadaughton Camping Area
Hoffman Camping Area
Any other location between Burdic Run and Jerry’s Run
PCV Separator
(570) 724-2868

Tiadaghton State Forest Resource
Tomb Flats Camping Area
Black Walnut Bottom Camping Area
Naval Run / Callahan Run / Bonnell Flats
PCV Separator
(570) 753-5409


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