Aldi’s Bike Repair Stand

I have been wanting to get a bike repair stand for several years, but have been to cheap to spend the money on one. So I was in Aldi’s today and came across a great buy.  They had a Bikemate Bike Work Stand for $20.99 this was marked down from $29.99. Even at their full price this stand would be a steal. This is a limited time deal, once they are gone they’re gone. and who knows when they will have them again.  I just got the stand about an hour ago and have not used it other then to just put the bike in it and try it out, but it seems like it should be a pretty good stand and for under $21 the price can’t be beat. So if you have an Aldi’s near and are in need of a bike repair stand you keep an eye out for this great deal in a store near you.




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