Evening Ride 4-27-17

Colton and I went on a good ride tonight, We started a little later then we probably should have are rode a little further then we probably should have for a school night, but it was still a great ride. We started out about 7:15 pm. The weather was beautiful and there were quite a few people out on the bike path this evening. The one issue we ran into was that the bugs seem to be enjoying the nice weather as much as we were especially along the river front. Not sure what kind of bugs they were, but it felt like we were riding through a rain storm with the bugs bouncing off us and getting into the vent holes in our helmets. We rode just shy of 18 miles. Having started out at 7:15 pm, it was close to 8:45 pm by the time we made it home. I was very glad that I had my light on my bike as we needed it the last 5 miles back to the house. Despite the bugs and darkeness, Colton was already saying at the end of the ride, “Can we do it again tomorrow Dad”. I love this kid’s enthusiasm for riding, and I love that we get to share this great hobby.


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