First Outdoor Ride of the Season – Feb 8, 2017

Colton and I got out for our first outdoor ride of the season this week. We have been riding on the bike trainers for the last couple of weeks. It has been crazy weather here in Pennsylvania. This is the second week of February and it was 50 degrees the day we went for our ride, and that evening  it snowed and we got 6 inches of snow. It was good to get outside and off the trainer for a night. This was Colton’s first real ride on his new bike. Previously he had just taken it for a few rides around the neighborhood. He has been riding it on the trainer for the last couple of weeks alongside me. He loved the new speeds that he was able to go on the road bike vs when he used to ride his mountain bike on the road with me. It also made it a lot nicer ride for me, as I was actually able to ride rather then coast all the time so that he could keep up. There were even a few times where he decided to speed up and I had to work to catch him. We did not get as long a ride in as we were hoping to, but we did get 10.5 miles of riding in. The only issue we had on the ride came in the last 1/4 miles as we were headed back to the house. We were in an area where the bike path passes under a bridge. Recent rains had caused mud to come up onto the bike path. as we passed through the mud, Colton accidentally tried to turn and his front wheel washed out from under him in the slippery mud, and you can see the results of that crash in the picture below. Luckily he only got a little road rash on his knee, and was a little sore afterwords. Overall we both had a lot of fun and it was a great ride. Can’t wait for another break in the weather so we can get back outside again.



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